Complimentary Breakfast Seminar

Complimentary Breakfast Seminar
  • March, 26 2020
  • 8:00 am - 11:00 am
  • 519 804-1591

Capturing Tribal Knowledge

I am delighted to extend this invitation to a complimentary, interactive seminar on

Capturing Tribal Knowledge through Standard Work

What is Tribal Knowledge?
Tribal knowledge is an organization’s knowledge-based asset that is known to exist in an organization,
yet not documented. In some cases, you don’t even know it exists until it is no longer available. It is found
at every level in every organization and comes in many forms. It can be untapped knowledge that no one
has asked an employee to share. It can be assumptions that others know or think they know what to do to
complete any given task successfully. Capturing this knowledge is increasingly becoming more important
with changes in workforce like retirement and increased mobility in a completive job market into other
roles and companies. The challenge lies in tapping into that knowledge, documenting it in a way that
makes sense followed by effective communication of it to the individuals that can readily benefit from the

Standard Work and Standard Operating Procedures are your organization’s documented knowledge
assets or  How to Guide – It is comprised of dynamic documentation that describe the activities necessary
in order to complete a specific task or process to meet the organization’s standards and ensure client
satisfaction. Standard work is essentially your best practice until you find a better way.

Challenges of managing Tribal Knowledge in the workplace in both industrial and office environments
Purpose of Standard Work and how it can help organizations capture tribal knowledge.
Leader’s Standard Work – what organizational Leaders can do to initiate and support the Standard Work

About the Facilitator
Gabriela Bernardo is passionate about employee engagement and retention through strategic human
resources management and continuous improvement.
She has many years of experience in the manufacturing space facilitating collaborative groups in various
areas of operations from the office to the plant floor and is fortunate to have worked with some of the very
best Lean Leaders in Canada. A highlight of her work is seeing “how things are made” in real life through
visiting over 125 Manufacturing facilities where she has observed what works well and what does not.
Other work experience that guides her work outside the manufacturing space includes working within
Business-to-Business, Small Office, Consulting and Financial Institutions.  This diverse experience helps
her assist clients improve their own processes through the sharing of best practices.
She is an energetic facilitator whose strength is bringing people together to collaborate and accelerate
continuous improvement initiatives. She believes in putting people first in order to achieve greater
organizational results. ~ When People come before profits…profits follow.

You are encouraged to connect with Gabriela at [email protected] before the event with any
questions you may or would like to see addressed at the event.

A letter confirming your attendance will be provided for your institute’s professional development

Date and Time: Thursday, March 26 the , 2020

8:00am:   Arrival, Coffee and Muffins
8:30am-10:00am:  Seminar
10:00am-11:00am (optional):   Networking
Location:  30 Duke Street West (RBC Building), Conference Room – 10th floor, Downtown Kitchener
(Parking available across the street, corner Duke & Ontario)
RSVP:  Seating is limited!  Please respond by March 20th  by contacting Georgiana via email
([email protected]) or by phone (519-804-1591 ext 2282).
We look forward to hearing from you!

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