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Our Approach to Search

Selecting a candidate or consultant for a full-time position or project engagement is a crucial business decision. We take the time to thoroughly evaluate your specific needs, gaining a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, skills requirements and related expectations. We consult with you to ensure that there is clarity in the aforementioned areas, and that all prospective candidates capture your distinct value proposition. We recognize that every client has their own unique needs, and will establish a mutually agreed upon go-forward strategy prior to executing any search campaigns.


We personally interview everyone we represent, taking the necessary amount of time to fully understand the individual's skillset, abilities, interests, personality, and career goals. We also establish and manage expectations related to role responsibilities and compensation to avoid any surprises or misunderstandings at the final negotiating and hiring stage. Candidates appreciate the time we take to help them manage their careers and corporate clients appreciate receiving a fully pre-screened list of qualified candidates to choose from.

  • Corporate Clients

    Corporate Clients leverage our expertise, intellectual capital resources and market insights. They rely on us to identify and secure the most talented professionals and executives for time-sensitive projects and full-time staffing requirements. Our structured and efficient search and screening process enables us to identify and secure those who meet specific hiring criteria. Our customized recruitment strategies, augmented with our robust network of active and passive candidates, allow us to deliver a diverse portfolio of suitable candidates in a timely and efficient manner.

    Our client organizations also rely on us for value-added services, including: onboarding new leaders, change management, communication/conversation strategies, employee engagement, and career transitions, to name a few.

    We welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

  • Candidates and Project Consultants

    Candidates and Project Consultants are treated with the respect they deserve. They rely on us to navigate their career and project search to uncover the best opportunities in the marketplace. We align ourselves with top employers in a wide range of industries, including high tech, manufacturing, financial services, professional services, healthcare and distribution, securing and cultivating partnerships that our candidates and project consultants benefit from.